Saturday, November 23, 2019

What Attracts Readers First to a Book

What Attracts Readers First to a Book I recently posted a Facebook question to 5,000 followers and asked the question: What is the first criteria in your choice of reading material: author, genre, or reputation of the review source? The results werent even close. Out of almost 200 responses, the results were these: Genre = 60% Author = 25% Review = 2% Equally all three = 2% Other = 11% OTHER meant people didnt choose via author, genre or review, and instead chose As for me? Definitely genre first, then author. I will resort to looking at reviews once Im pondering the choice. This simple survey shows that you need to understand your product and market it appropriately. You do not market your book just anywhere, with just anyone. You market it where you think people in your genre will collect, review, and share. Im frequently asked if an author may advertise their book in my newsletters. I refuseunless the book is written directed at writers. Why? Because my readers are writers Theres truth in the mantra know your market. Its how Coke, Nike, and Amazon do so well. You know all those little ads you see on Facebook? Ever marvel how you open a website and they know the last sites where you shopped? Thats marketing to the customer. Thats companies attempting to understand your ways. Thats how you need to think. When you cease writing that book, and its time to market it for sale, stop and contemplate where those readers are. Its why BookBub and Amazon are so darn efficient. They know what you think and put products before your eyes that theyve researched and know you will love. Facebook, blogs, BookBub, any advertising.lead with genre. Stick to genre. Make your ad feel like your genre. Make your website seem like your genre. You can do this.

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