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Passing on Students Who Are Not Academically Ready Essay

Introduction Mary Sherry, was the owner and developer of research and publishing organization in Minnesota, she discussed the problem of passing on the students in the narration. How these practices of educational institutes negatively affect the practical lives of students in long-run is also presented in this essay. This topic is very important because there are thousands of university and educational institutes which are operating and producing millions of graduates. However most of these students have limited knowledge about their subjects and its importance in practical field. When they enter in job market, they face several difficulties and tough challenges of high competition. In addition to this, one of the motivational approaches†¦show more content†¦There are several real-life examples in which practice of â€Å"passing-on† can be observed. However very few teachers take active part in identifying root cause of problem and taking an important decision about the ways to m otivate kids. The information is appropriately presented in an essay and because it was the first hand experience of the writer, it is significant and reliable. However, there are some of the terms, which might create confusion for the readers e.g. the concept of â€Å"flunking† was relatively new and instead of explaining it, the writer directly move towards its usage in school. Overall, this essay is well written and presented one of the most critical issues of educational system. I agree with the writer’s perspective of different problems associated with students and educational institutes. However, it is important to notice that this essay was written in 1991. The problems of students of current age are far more advanced because there is an influence of media, digital technology on the students. Kids spends more time on internet, games and similar activities which deviates them from their studies. Therefore just threats of failure might not influence them in the way they were motivated before. Conclusions The writer has successfully achieved her objective by defining the core problem of educational institutes and then pinpointing the way to solveShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Article Higher Ed 950 Words   |  4 Pagespaper and also the overall conclusion. It explains why the author is writing the article and it also forms the layout of the complete article. The purpose of the article is to inform people about whether or not students are ready for college level education and how to better prepare students for meeting the academic requirements and education level that they should be before entering college. â€Å"According to the ACT’s recently released Condition of College and Career Readiness 2013, only 26% of allRead MoreThe Rhythmic Drum Of My Heart795 Words   |  4 Pagesdrum of my heart pounds strong. My blood flows for one purpose. The rhythmic heart rises and falls reminding me I have a reason to be here. As I lay on the ground looking at the starry night sky, I am reminded that each day is important in shaping who I want to be. Today, like every day, is the reason there is a future. The person I see in the mirror is the reason I need to keep moving on. He is the person that matters, yearning to be seen. Not by physique, but what is within. That is what I striveRead MoreEthical Issues with the Ncaa942 Words   |  4 PagesThere are several ethical issues in the news lately about the treatment college athletes are receiving compared to the non-athletic students of universities. Is the practice of favoring athletes and bending the rules in the favor of universities to enable the best college sports stars to play ethical? Two major ethical issues that have been in the public eye as of late is cheating and grade tampering, and recruiting tactics. Both of these actions are unethical, but it still isnt stopping universitiesRead MoreEvaluation Of A Classroom Management845 Words   |  4 Pagesmanagement is a set of methods and skills used by ed ucators to assist students in being more organized, alert, thoughtful, disciplined as well as being more academically productive. Classroom management when used correctly and effectively can help teachers maintain and control behaviors that may hinder learning for the class or a particular student, while at the same time maximizing behaviors that enhance learning for the students (Classroom Management, 2014). A practice that can contribute to anRead MoreSchool Funding For Public Schools Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesfortunate children born close to a well-funded school district. The schools that are academically acceptable are schools that have more money than the schools that are not. One might conclude that because of this, schools that are not academically acceptable are failing due to the fact that they do not have the right resources necessary to pass end of the year tests. There are numerous reasons put forth from researchers who want to look into why our public schools are failing. In my opinion, the singleRead MoreDiscourse Community Analysis : Northwest Varsity Basketball Team Essay1621 Words   |  7 Pagesthe infamous playoff game marked in the memory banks of all use sophomore, now seniors on the Varsity team ready to make our goal of success a reality. We were amped, excited and more importantly ready to put in the work necessary to win. The season was three months away a nd we needed to improve, which meant sacrifices had to be made weekends had too dedicated on ball handling, shooting, passing, and work to improve any weaknesses in each of our games. I specially put in hours and hours of work, becauseRead MoreThe Game Of The Basketball State Playoffs Essay1667 Words   |  7 Pagesinfamous playoff game marked in the memory banks of all us sophomores, now seniors on the Varsity team ready to make our goals of success a reality. We were excited and more importantly ready to put in the work necessary to win. With the season only three months away we needed to improve. Improvements which meant sacrifices had to be made. Weekends had to be dedicated on ball handling, shooting, passing, and different kinds of drills to improve any weaknesses in each of our games. I specially put in hoursRead MoreIs College For Everyone?843 Words   |  4 Pages seniors students in high school are qualified to graduate and peregrinate to college to get a degree for thei r future jobs. There is an author, Pharinet, who verbally expresses that, â€Å"That there are too many students enrolled in school who simply don’t belong there† (680). Pharinet says that in her article, â€Å"Is College for Everyone?† She argues that college is not for everyone and that students should think deeply afore enrolling. She claims that students who are not academically ready and financiallyRead MoreThe Common Core State Standards982 Words   |  4 Pagesthat have struggled academically wonder if the standards are more a one-size-fits-all pathway instead of a â€Å"great equalizing force,† in which the common standards bridge a gap between vocational education and the university pathway. Three big arguments in favor of the Common Core State Standards, according to the infographic, are: †¢Students will learn more if their learning targets are set higher †¢Students will learn more if the passing grades for state tests are set higher †¢Students will learn moreRead MoreEvery Student Succeeds Act ( Essa )934 Words   |  4 PagesEvery Student Succeeds Act On December 10, 2015 President Obama signed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This act was a replacement for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. NCLB was a representation of the nation’s goals under president George Bush in which all children would be offered support in order to flourish academically. While ESSA has the same groundwork as NCLB Act, the government anticipates greater academic merit. Only time will tell if this will prove true, nevertheless ESSA will significantly

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Student Study Section Free Essays

STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review questions Study the timeline above and then read the following quotation. The nation that political problems could more naturally be solved by violence than by debate was firmly entrenched in a country in which for a thousand years civil war has been if not exactly the norm then certainly no rarity. From Paul Preton, The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution and Revenge, 2006 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Student Study Section or any similar topic only for you Order Now Looking at the timeline above showing events in Spain in the 19th and early 20th centuries, what evidence is there for Preston’s argument? 2. What factors were causing tension in Spain during this time? (Economic, military, religious, political? ) 3. What example of foreign intervention was there in Spain in the 29th century? STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review questions 1. Draw a mind map or spider diagram of the key issues dividing Spain by 1931 2. Explain the events that led to the fall of Kind Alfonso in 1931. 3. Looking at the long-term issues in Spain and the political events of the 19th century, what problems was the Second Republic likely to face? Do you consider that war was inevitable by mid 1931? STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review questions How did the actions of the Second republic create more tension? In what way did they, in Paul Preston’s words, ensure that Spain’s underlying conflicts ere transmitted into national politics? STUDENT STUDY SECTION Research activity Research the Asturian miner’ uprising of 1934. In Paris, discuss the extent to which you agree that this was an attempted revolution. STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review questions 1. To what extent did economic issues lead to a civil war? 2. What was the impact of international events to the growing divisions in Spain Class debate Divide the class into three groups. Each group needs to argue one of the following: * The right wing was responsible for the Spanish Civil War * The left wing was responsible for the Spanish Civil War * Both left and right were equally responsible for the Spanish Civil War STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review activity Look back at the timeline on pp. 235-36. Identify key points where foreign intervention plays a significant role in the fighting. STUDENT STUDY SECTION Document analysis What civisms does Salvodo make of the Non-intervention Committee (p. 238)? Research activity In small group, research the different countries, groups and famous individuals that went to Spain to fight in the international Brigades; for example, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from USA. STUDENT STUDY SECTION Review activities Summarize the key points made in the text in grid: | Nationalists | Republicans | Political strengths/weaknesses| | | Military strengths/weaknesses| | | Economic advantages/ Disadvantages| | | Foreign assistance| | | Class debate Divide the class into two groups. One side will argue that the Nationalists’ strengths won the Spanish Civil War, the other will argue that it was due to Republican weaknesses. The motion is: The strengths of the Nationalists won the Civil War. Each side must have a series of thematic and coherent arguments. To gain a point, they have to support arguments with clear evidence. STUDENT STUDY SECTION Read the following sources and answer the questions: Document A The nationalists maintained that Guernical had been blown up by the Basques themselves, in order to discredit the blameless Nationalists. A later version said that Republican planes dropped bomb to detonate charges dynamite placed in the sewers. Twenty years later it was still a crime in Franco’s Spain to say that Guernical had been destroyed by the Nationalists. Document B Our consciences were uneasy about it. After living through the raid we knew only too well that the destruction had come from the air. The Reds had hardly any planes, we knew that too. Amongst our own, we’d admit the truth: our side had bombed the town and it was a bad thing. But what can we do about it now? We’d say. It was simply better to keep quite. From a statement by Juan Sangroniz, a Nationalists, quoted in Ronald Fraser, Blood of Spain Document C The Germans said the wind caused the bombes to drift eastwards [the target had been a bridge on the river]. In fact Guernica was a military target, being a communications centre close to the line. Retreating republican soldiers could only escape with any ease through Guernical because the bridge over the river was the last one before the sea. But if the aim of the Condor Legion was destroy the bridge why did they not use their supremely accurate stuka bombers? At least part to aim must have been to cause maximum panic and confusion among civilians as well as soldier. The use of incendiary bombs proves that some destruction of buildings and people other than it bridge must have been intended From Hugh Thomas, The Spanish Civil War, 1977 Questions 1. In what ways are the views expressed in Document A supported by the views in Document B 2. What reasons are identified in Document C for the bombing of Guernica? STUDENT STUDY SECTION Essay work Planning essay in an essential way to revise topics as you approach examinations. In pairs or groups, plan out the essays below. Your plan should include: * An introduction written out in full * The opening sentence for each paragraph setting out your ‘topic’ * Bullet points setting out the evidence to go in each paragraph * A conclusion written out in full Each group should present it essay plan to the rest of the class. How much overlap of content is three between the different essay plans? Some hints are given for your planning in the first 3 essays Essay 1 Analyze the causes of the Spain Civil War. You could structure this essay thematically, and consider the key issues in the long term and the short term. Your analysis should then explain why there was tension that intensified over time. Remember to include the ‘trigger’ of the civil war, as this explains why the war broke out when it did. * Themes: 1898-1931 –Economic/Social/Polical/Empire * Themes:1931-36 –Land reforms/Church reforms/Social unrest /Reaction of right/Popular Front * Trigger:1936 –The attempted coup. Essays 2 What were the key effects of the Spanish Civil War? You might want to include material from this chapter on the ‘nature’ of the war in this essay, as well as focusing on the more general results. It might be helpful for you to structure your essay in two parts: effects of the war internally on Spain, and then effects of the war external on the other countries. Remember to attempt to adopt a thematic approach. Essay 3 What was the impact of foreign intervention in the Spain Civil War? You could discuss this question in terms of how the ‘nature’ of the war was affected by foreign intervention: * Polarizing the complex political divisions in Spain * Increasing the brutality and casualty rate * Protracting the war. You could then discuss this question in terms of how the ‘outcome’ of the war was affected by foreign intervention† * Germany/Italy/Portugal: Strengthening the military capabilities of the Nationalists * USSR: Weakening the political unity of the Republic, and then undermining its ability to wage war by withdrawing support * NIC and Neutrals benefited the Nationalists Now attempt to make detailed plans for the following essay questions: * In what ways and to what extent, did social and religious divisions lead to war in Spain in 1936? * To what extent was the Spanish Civil War caused by division in Spain and in Spain society? Assess the impact of political and constitutional developments in Spain between 1930 and 1939 * Why did the Constitutional Monarchy in Spain collapse in 1931? * Carlism is a political movement in Spain that looks to establish a separate line of the Bourbon family on the Spanish throne. This line is descended from Carlos V ( 1788-1855). * The Civil Guard was founded in 1844. Its purpose was to control the peasantry, maintain the status quo and stamp out any anti-monarchist, revolutionary sentiment. It was particularly active in the Basque Provinces and was hated by the peasantry. It was later to play a role in supporting the conservative downers in resisting the reforms of the Second Republic. * The destabilization of the Spanish electoral system is the worth nothing that the Spain electoral system ensured that only a small swing in the number of votes cast had a huge effect on the parliamentary system. Thus, although there was only a minor shift of votes from the left to the right, there was a big change in parliamentary power. The same was ro happen in 1926 when the Popular front gained control. The instability created by the electoral system was a contributory factor to the breakdown of the Second Republic. How to cite Student Study Section, Essay examples

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Technology And Innovation In Tourism Leisure And Event Management

Question: Describe about the "Technology and innovation in tourism leisure and event management". Answer: Introduction: Tourism, leisure and event management are focused on the leisure of the people. It has been observed that leisure is defined as the quality of experience of travelling everywhere. It has been observed the people are often interested to spend their leisure hours in attractive locations. As stated by Barrera et al. (2013) leisure is an experience which usually emphasizes the dimension of the perceived freedom and choice. Riverlife is a popular leisure, tourism and event management organization of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. This travel, tourism and event management organization is popular for the river kayaking tours. The tourists and customers have been attracted by different services such as wedding, adventure sports, night adventure experiences, rock climbing and kayaking. The organization was established in December 2003 ( 2016). It has been observed that the popular organization has implemented the QR code for their services and have placed QR codes in their advertisements so that the people can gather knowledge about the attractive tour packages and the upcoming events. The role of regionaland organizational innovation systems to TLE: The Quick Response Code (QR code) is the best technological implementation for such organizations. QR code is an automated process which detects the link of the webpage (Baik 2012). Therefore the consumers do not need to put the web address of the page to search the information. They need to just scan the link and that directly takes them to the desired webpage. As stated by Shin et al. (2012), the organization has provided the website link in their brochures. However, the tourists or the clients do not show much interest in searching the links in order to acquire detailed information about their preferable rides or banquets from the Tourism Leisure and Event Management (TLE) (Narayanan 2012). It has been observed that the QR code looks very interesting (Jung et al. 2012). Therefore, the customers and the tourists are attracted because they have got an opportunity to gather detailed knowledge about the tour packages and events. Therefore, the QR code technology has helped the organization to obtain competitive advantage in Australia. Links betweentechnology, innovation and entrepreneurship in TLE: As stated by Bonifacio (2012), QR codes are the latest technology used by the organizations in advertisement, brochures and packages or leaflets. Smartphone users simply scan the QR codes and get detailed information. As stated by Shin et al. (2012), the significant advantage of this QR code is that the customers do not need to type the URL address in the brochure. The customers just simply scan the advertisements and this gives them easy and immediate access to the company website where they can see product or service specification. As opined by Qian et al. (2012), many organizations have used the QR code in their advertisements because the customers can access the website of the brand directly from the QR code. Therefore, the QR code technology plays a vital role in the entrepreneurship in the marketing strategy of the organization. Lai et al. (2013) stated that QR codes have increased the brand value and popularity of the organization. TheTourism, Leisure and Event Management relatedstakeholders and the role they play in the adoption of innovation; The tourists and the clients are the important external stakeholders of the organization. Apart from that, the employees, agents and tour guides are the internal stakeholders of this organization. It has been observed that the research and development team has implemented technological innovation. The marketing team has implemented the new marketing strategy to publish the QR codes in their digital advertisement, social media advertisements and even in their travel brochures. The research and development team has implemented individual QR codes for every service of the organization and placed the picture gallery, videos, details of the package including rate and feedback of the tourists in this QR codes. Therefore, the customers have directly searched their interested packages (Barrera, et al. 2013). It has been observed that almost every organization has implemented the QR code only for their company website. Therefore the customers have scanned the QR code and reached to the compan y website. After that the customers have searched the products and services in the company website. As stated by Gaede and Schaefer (2012), customers have lost their patience for this long process. However, the smart technological implementation has reinforced the relation between the organization, tourists and clients. Innovation and technology can benefit the host destination: Many organizations have already implemented the innovation technology in their business. The market value of the organization has been increasing gradually. Therefore, the organizations have implemented new technological innovation for attracting the global travelers. As stated by Lai et al. (2013), the QR code technology has attracted the global customers and the customers have been satisfied with the help of new technology. This will help build market value which in turn will help in their market expansion. The QR code technology will help the organization in their expansion in the host country. It has been observed that the global tourists prefer Southeast Asia and good services of the TLE (Bonifacio 2012). Therefore, this QR code technology will help the travelers to gather information about the different services of the company. Therefore, the latest innovation technology will help the organization in business expansion in host country. The ways in whichtechnology can be used as a driving-force for sustainability in TLE: It has been observed that the travel, tourism and event management organizations have included different types of pictures from adventure activities and wedding ceremonies in their advertisement because it is quite expensive (Gaede and Schaefer 2012). Another technique followed by the organization includes combining the playlists along with greeting cards. This has help in making the posters extremely interesting. It has been observed that the organization has provided many special offers through the QR code technology (Jung et al. 2012). Moreover, the organization has also added the clients feedback about the experience of the customers such as customer feedback videos in their advertisement. Therefore, the customer will feel the real experience of other tourists (Lai et al. 2013). This way the organization will gain brand value and market preference with the help of the QR code technology (Lai et al. 2013). The new technological implementation will help the organization to sustain in Australia. It has been observed that many organizations have implemented the QR code technology and improved their business sustainability. As stated by Qian et al. (2012), the customers have been attracted towards innovation and latest technology. Therefore, this technology implementation will improve the situation of the organization. TLE businesses can effectively manage innovation: The TLE business is based on the services, tourist spot and presentation of the organization. The market value of the TLE organization is based on the services. Therefore, the innovation technology in the TLE improves the services of the organization (Qian et al. 2012). The tourists or the customers will get information from the QR codes only. The tourist will watch the video directly from Youtube (Schultz et al. 2013). Therefore, the TLE business has implemented technical innovation to attract the customers and so as to provide better service to the customers. Outline how the technology or innovation was used by RiverLife: Riverlife is a popular travel leisure and event management organization of Australia. This organization offers different attractive thrilling packages such as wedding planning services, functions, adventures, night experiences and rock climbing and kayaking to the tourists and clients ( 2016). The organization has gained the popularity among the travel and tourism organizations in Australia. As stated by Gaede and Schaefer (2012), the technological innovation would help the customers to fulfill their requirements. Therefore the organization has implemented the QR codes for their products and services and placed the QR codes in their advertisements, brochures and product package (Shin et al. 2012). Outline the tools and resources for monitoring the technology or innovation: The organization has used the performance Co-Pilot, Nagios and Ele Quants grid monitoring tools to outline the tools and resources for monitoring the technology innovation (Schultz 2013). Riverlife has observed that many organizations have already implemented the QR code technology in their product packages, advertisements and brochures. Therefore, the new technological implementation would support Riverlife to attract the customers through the advertisements and brochures (Watson et al. 2013). It has been observed that the organization has implemented separate QR codes for rock climbing, kayaking, night adventure, adventure sports and wedding packages of Riverlife (Shin et al. 2012). The customers have got particular information about their preferable events or tour packages. Therefore, the technical innovation has increased the customer satisfaction and attracted the customers towards the products or services of the organization. Outline the management implications of applying the technology or innovation: The management has decided to implement the QR technology for difference services of the organization (Baik 2012). The managers have already developed the individual QR code for their different services such as wedding planning services, functions, adventures, night experiences and rock climbing and kayaking. The managers have suggested designing a brochure along with the QR code of every service (Yang et al. 2013). The managers have suggested adding the URL of the videos and pictures in the QR code. Effectiveness of the suggested technology or innovation: The QR technology will help the tourists and the customers to gather detailed knowledge about the services of Riverlife, The travelers will watch the videos and pictures of the different places and services such as kayaking and rock climbing and express their interest about the tour or adventure packages (Barrera et al. 2013). Therefore, the QR code technology will act as an additional support for their marketing strategy. The QR code technology will also increase customer satisfaction. Recommendations for managing and maintaining the technology or innovation: It has been observed that Riverlife has already implemented the QR code technology in their advertisements and brochures to increase the efficiency of the marketing strategy. As stated by Bonifacio (2012), every organization needs to continuously implement technology innovation for their business growth. The research and development team has to observe the innovation technology of other organization. After that the organization will implement new innovation technology for improving the market value, brand popularity and customer satisfaction (Jung et al. 2012). The organization has to implement software development services so that the organization is able to provide smarter solutions to the tourists and clients. The organization has to develop their website and add the required information about the events and the tour packages (Bonifacio 2012). The organization has to develop the graphical and creative service to develop the annual performance of the organization. Online marketing strategy has already been implemented by the organization, but it still needs to to develop the office IT services. The organization has to expand their business in Southeast Asia (Gaede and Schaefer 2012). The existing brand value will help the organization to get the market popularity in the Southeast Asia. Conclusion: It has been observed that TLE has planned to attach the QR code in their brochure. The technical team has implemented the QR codes for every service that the organization provides to their clients. It has been observed that the QR code technology will attract greater customers. The TLE technology will help the customers to access the links of the videos behind the advertisements of the brochure. On the other hand, the organization will provide detailed information in the brochure. The customers will feel interested in accessing those videos. Reference list: Baik, S., 2012. Rethinking QR code: analog portal to digital world.Multimedia Tools and Applications,58(2), pp.427-434. Barrera, J.F., Mira, A. and Torroba, R., 2013. Optical encryption and QR codes: secure and noise-free information retrieval.Optics express,21(5), pp.5373-5378. Bonifacio, V.D., 2012. QR-coded audio periodic table of the elements: A mobile-learning tool.Journal of Chemical Education,89(4), pp.552-554. Cata, T., Patel, P.S. and Sakaguchi, T., 2013. QR code: a new opportunity for effective mobile marketing.Journal of Mobile Technologies, Knowledge and Society,2013, p.1. Gaede, J. and Schaefer, G., 2012.Provision of ATLErnate Content in Response to QR Code. U.S. Patent Application 12/960,285. Jung, J.H., Somerstein, R. and Kwon, E.S., 2012. SHOULD I SCAN OR SHOULD I GO?: YOUNG CONSUMERS'MOTIVATIONS FOR SCANNING QR CODE ADVERTISING.International Journal of Mobile Marketing,7(3). Lai, H.C., Chang, C.Y., Wen Shiane, L., Fan, Y.L. and Wu, Y.T., 2013. The implementation of mobile learning in outdoor education: application of QR codes.British Journal of Educational Technology,44(2), pp.E57-E62. Narayanan, A.S., 2012. QR codes and security solutions.International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications,3(7), pp.69-71. Qian, J.P., Yang, X.T., Wu, X.M., Zhao, L., Fan, B.L. and Xing, B., 2012. A traceability system incorporating 2D barcode and RFID technology for wheat flour mills.Computers and electronics in agriculture,89, pp.76-85., (2016).Home - Riverlife. [online] Riverlife. Available at: [Accessed 23 May 2016]. Schultz, M.K., 2013. A case study on the appropriateness of using quick response (QR) codes in libraries and museums.Library Information Science Research,35(3), pp.207-215. Shin, D.H., Jung, J. and Chang, B.H., 2012. The psychology behind QR codes: User experience perspective.Computers in Human Behavior,28(4), pp.1417-1426. Watson, C., McCarthy, J. and Rowley, J., 2013. Consumer attitudes towards mobile marketing in the smart phone era.International Journal of Information Management,33(5), pp.840-849. Yang, C.C., Hwang, G.J., Hung, C.M. and Tseng, S.S., 2013. An Evaluation of the Learning Effectiveness of Concept Map-Based Science Book Reading via Mobile Devices.Educational Technology Society,16(3), pp.167-178.

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Everyone is entitled to privacy, so should celebrities be given more privacy free essay sample

The right to a private life means that you have the right to carry on your life privately, without government interference, as long as you also respect the rights of other people. The courts have interpreted the concept of ‘private life’ in a very broad way. It covers things like your right to choose your sexual identity, your lifestyle, and the way you look and dress. The concept of private life also covers your right to develop your personality and to develop friendships and other relationships. This includes a right to participate in essential economic, social, cultural and recreational activities of the community. In some circumstances, public authorities may need to take steps to support you to realise your right to a private life, including your ability to participate in society. The right to private life means that the media and others can be prevented from interfering in your life. It also means that personal information about you (including official records, photographs, letters, diaries and medical records), should be kept securely and not shared without your permission, except in certain circumstances. We will write a custom essay sample on Everyone is entitled to privacy, so should celebrities be given more privacy? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think that the media do not respect celebrity’s private lives. As human beings, we all deserve some level of privacy. But when youre a celebrity, privacy holds another meaning. Most celebrities accept the fact that they will be followed by paparazzi the minute they step out their doors; after all, it does come with the territory. Celebrities spend a significant amount of time in front of the cameras, so it seems inevitable that some parts of their private lives will get out. However, it isnt impossible for a celebrity to keep their private lives private. There are plenty of celebrities that seem to keep a low profile, yet still remain famous. Stars like Adele can keep their private lives private. So private that the media don’t even know the name of her child. Stars like Britney Spears tend to end up in the tabloids more because of the things that they allow the public to see, yet they cry invasion of privacy when everyone knows their business. The whole world only knows their business because they put it out there. It is not very hard to keep yourself  from being photographed with barely any clothes on or vomiting on a public street after leaving a club. I understand that its very easy for famous people to crack under pressure and start to spiral out of control, but allowing the public to see their breakdown is only more embarrassing for them and entertaining for us. So, can celebrities lead private lives out of the media spotlight? The answer is yes they can. Celebrities deserve to have as much privacy as anyone else. If I was to get out get drunk and be stupid then no one would care. But these are CELEBRITIES we are talking about. I think that the media do not respect celebrity’s private lives. The paparazzi are just ordinary people trying to earn a living. So it’s not entirely this fault. However, celebrities also have a responsibility to maintain a clean public image. When they allow their images to be tainted in a very public way, they deserve whatever loss of privacy that the tabloids take from them.

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010 They Say and Process Professor Ramos Blog

010 They Say and Process Emails Quick Write What is the last thing that you remember having to learn? Who helped you? Emails Make sure to write the class and time in the subject line of your email. If you send in a homework assignment, make sure to include an appropriate title. To speed up grading, please copy and paste the homework into the email. For essays, add an attachment that has an appropriate name and title. Journals Journals are easy points to get, that are meant to help you in this class. If you do them, or attempt them, you earn the points. The first two journals asks that you answer some questions. We will continue to build on skills and incorporate them into the journals. Starting next week, you will be writing summaries of the readings. What is Literacy? Literacy the ability to read and write. Also, competence or knowledge in a specified area. Timeline Take out a piece of paper and turn it on its side. Draw a line across the middle. On the left should be the day you were born. On the right, write todays date. Now start filling it in with dates and important events in your life. After you are done, we will share these with a partner. What is the purpose of this you think? Literacy Sponsors According to Deborah Brandt,  sponsors of literacy are â€Å"any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy- and gain advantage by it in some way.† Source In other words, sponsors can be anything that helps or hinders your literacy. For this class, I would like you to focus on Let’s come up with a big list of literacy sponsors. ? Shitty First Drafts The writing process is a very important concept that you need to learn. This will move you from writing ok papers to great papers. The first draft is the down draft. The second draft is the up draft. The third draft is the dental draft. They Say Chapter 1 argues that good academic writing responds to what others are saying. What â€Å"They Say† is important to include in academic writing and is one way we can include the conversation when we write. The chapter includes templates for introducing standard views, implied or assumed and ongoing debates. Why do you think they start out the textbook with this chapter? Why is it important to start with They Say? Free Write Pick one event from your timeline to think about more. How did you go about learning it?

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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Annotated Bibliography Example llows analyzing the behavior of a patient from several aspects and suggests pilot randomizes control trail as the method to control the severity of the disease. The source provides an understanding about individual and collective behavior of people facing through Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The condition of the patient mentioned in the paper relates to the cases analyzed in the paper therefore, this source can be useful to assess the behavioral of the patient. As the source studies the behavior of the patient and allows understanding distress and anxiety situations it can be used to determine the actual fact and severity of the disease; As the patient facing through dementia exhibits behavioral deficit that can cause families and spouse to face social distress, therefore the source is important to analyze the behavior, causes, symptoms and methods to cure the disease. The source is a research paper analyzing the signs and symptom of dementia and its behavioral and neuropsychological aspects. It further relates the disease with the frontal lobe feature and its effects on the behavior of the patient. The data included in the study of behavior and psychological signs and symptoms of disease. The source can be useful to determine the behavioral and psychological aspects of the patient. There are several phases mentioned in the paper with the variance to the behavior and psychological aspects that can be used to analyze the severity of the disease in the case. The source further aims to relate different behaviors subjected to severity and intensity of dementia. In addition, the source aims to emphasis the frontal lobe symptoms to relate with the cognitive deficits with the increasing severity and frequency of aggressive, depressive and psychosis symptom. The patient mentioned in the case has the problems of hypertension, aggression, anxiety and depres sion. This source can analyze the severity of the disease further it provides an understanding about the

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment for Evidence-base Research Paper

Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment for Evidence-base Practice - Research Paper Example Interestingly the scored rated from mid-range to high. Such scores are important in implementations aimed at integrating clinical inquiry into initiatives aimed at achieving organizational efficiency. It is important to mention that clinical inquiry requires sequential and sophisticated approach and hence the findings of the study are critical to successful implementation. Physician commitments to EBP score and the extent to which a critical mass of nurses with strong EPB and skills scored were relatively high. This does not fall short of expectations given that physicians receive more specialized training and the same can be said about nurses with strong EBP and skills. On the other hand, administration commitment to EBP, although indirectly impacts on EBP and hence, organizational culture and efficiency is crucial to successful implementation (White, 2010). The score recorded is relatively high although not maximal. This can be attributed to training as well as adequate commitment towards implementation of the same. Similarly, nursing staff commitment to EBP and the extent to which staff nurses staff nurses bear proficiency in computer skills scored relatively low at 3. This can mainly be linked to nurse’s attitude towards implementation of the same as well as their disinterest in gaining computer skills (Wright, Brown, & Slowman, 1996). Training therefore tops list of approaches that can help in incorporation of clinical inquiry into day to day operations. Additionally, day to day conferences can help keep the staff at par with changes in medical