Sunday, November 3, 2019

ERP Systems For Small And Medium Size Companies Research Paper - 1

ERP Systems For Small And Medium Size Companies - Research Paper Example Additionally, because of globalization an e-commerce arrangement bringing changes rapidly, and small and medium size businesses as well refurbish their industry. Since the sizes of corporations are growing with the passage of time. In this scenario, the traditional business practices would not be helpful for the organizations to adopt these changes as well as the disharmony among business and information systems in their corporation can happen. Thus, at the present, majority of businesses utilize of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for improving business performance (Park & Lee, 2006) and (Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of some of the important aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology based platforms for the small and large size business organizations. In this prospect, this research will cover the analysis of various major ERP technologies, their corporate implementation and possible advantages and d isadvantages. This paper will discuss SAP business by design, SAP business One and SAP All-In-One, Oracle’s PeopleSoft and Microsoft ERP system. ERP systems for Small and Medium Size Companies Without adopting ERP technology based arrangements and systems large size corporations cannot survive in today’s ever-increasing competitive world. In fact, ERP technology based systems allow the large scale organizations to work as an enabler instead of a differentiator. Additionally, this difference is apparent in the fraction of big businesses making use of the ERP systems. In view of the fact that in only United States more than 90 % organizations make use of Oracle to manage their business functions. Thus, given the diffusion of ERP marketplace for large scale corporations, adequate client growth in the huge firm marketplace turns out to be minimal for ERP vendors. In this scenario, ERP software suppliers and their business partners are able to generate and uphold revenues b y offering support and upgrades however actual growth is possible by expanding their business into new marketplaces. In addition, with the implementation of ERP software into the business, corporate expansion requires, more and more efficient computing and networking facilities, rising significance of information usage inside companies, and continuously technically trained employees, however, the current ERP systems suppliers are currently focusing sales expansion on the small and middle sized business (SMB) marketplace. On the other hand, at the present, more and more small and middle sized businesses are gaining a competitive and information edge over their competitors by implementing latest ERP systems. Therefore, business sectors suggested by SMB’s have to now recognize the importance of ERP systems as their marketplace landscapes turn out to be growing competitive (Crumley, Fain, & McFadden, 2010). SAP Business One Application The SAP Business One system puts together th e entire fundamental business purposes across the business; comprising sales, financials, inventory, customer relationship management and processes

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