Friday, March 6, 2020

010 They Say and Process Professor Ramos Blog

010 They Say and Process Emails Quick Write What is the last thing that you remember having to learn? Who helped you? Emails Make sure to write the class and time in the subject line of your email. If you send in a homework assignment, make sure to include an appropriate title. To speed up grading, please copy and paste the homework into the email. For essays, add an attachment that has an appropriate name and title. Journals Journals are easy points to get, that are meant to help you in this class. If you do them, or attempt them, you earn the points. The first two journals asks that you answer some questions. We will continue to build on skills and incorporate them into the journals. Starting next week, you will be writing summaries of the readings. What is Literacy? Literacy the ability to read and write. Also, competence or knowledge in a specified area. Timeline Take out a piece of paper and turn it on its side. Draw a line across the middle. On the left should be the day you were born. On the right, write todays date. Now start filling it in with dates and important events in your life. After you are done, we will share these with a partner. What is the purpose of this you think? Literacy Sponsors According to Deborah Brandt,  sponsors of literacy are â€Å"any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy- and gain advantage by it in some way.† Source In other words, sponsors can be anything that helps or hinders your literacy. For this class, I would like you to focus on Let’s come up with a big list of literacy sponsors. ? Shitty First Drafts The writing process is a very important concept that you need to learn. This will move you from writing ok papers to great papers. The first draft is the down draft. The second draft is the up draft. The third draft is the dental draft. They Say Chapter 1 argues that good academic writing responds to what others are saying. What â€Å"They Say† is important to include in academic writing and is one way we can include the conversation when we write. The chapter includes templates for introducing standard views, implied or assumed and ongoing debates. Why do you think they start out the textbook with this chapter? Why is it important to start with They Say? Free Write Pick one event from your timeline to think about more. How did you go about learning it?

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