Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment for Evidence-base Research Paper

Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment for Evidence-base Practice - Research Paper Example Interestingly the scored rated from mid-range to high. Such scores are important in implementations aimed at integrating clinical inquiry into initiatives aimed at achieving organizational efficiency. It is important to mention that clinical inquiry requires sequential and sophisticated approach and hence the findings of the study are critical to successful implementation. Physician commitments to EBP score and the extent to which a critical mass of nurses with strong EPB and skills scored were relatively high. This does not fall short of expectations given that physicians receive more specialized training and the same can be said about nurses with strong EBP and skills. On the other hand, administration commitment to EBP, although indirectly impacts on EBP and hence, organizational culture and efficiency is crucial to successful implementation (White, 2010). The score recorded is relatively high although not maximal. This can be attributed to training as well as adequate commitment towards implementation of the same. Similarly, nursing staff commitment to EBP and the extent to which staff nurses staff nurses bear proficiency in computer skills scored relatively low at 3. This can mainly be linked to nurse’s attitude towards implementation of the same as well as their disinterest in gaining computer skills (Wright, Brown, & Slowman, 1996). Training therefore tops list of approaches that can help in incorporation of clinical inquiry into day to day operations. Additionally, day to day conferences can help keep the staff at par with changes in medical

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